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The services I offer

Before the 1st session, 30 minutes by phone free

Price of the consultation session: CHF 1 20.00

Price of wingwave® Coaching: CHF 150.00 / session

Support and regular monitoring of Professional and/or Amateur athletes of all ages, all genders, all sports and all levels

Supporting injured athletes to return to competition

Individual video analysis of the athlete (included in Mental Coaching)

At the athlete's request, I travel for consultations, as well as to the competition venue.

All consultations are also possible by videoconference.

basic offer
Coa chi ng p en da nt 3 months
Cost : CH F 1400.-


Coaching für 6 Monate

24 Coaching

Kosten: CHF 2800.-

Premium offer

Coaching for 12 months

48 Coaching

Cost: CHF

mental preparation with ECO2A ® method
  • Evaluation (contact, session, tests, analysis)

  • Mental keys (identifying hypotheses)

  • Tools (make a diagnosis)

  • Action (development of a specific mental training program)

  • Athlete autonomy

  • Reassessment and adjustment of the program

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Objectives in mental preparation 
  • Stress management

  • Managing emotions

  • Preparing for the competition

  • Strengthen self-confidence

  • Strengthen motivation

  • Improve concentration

  • Building resilience, managing failure and fear of failure

  • Promote recovery, manage fatigue

  • Supporting athletes in their projects

  • Supporting the injured athlete

  • Group cohesion

  • Strong minded

Specialising in mental preparation and support

for injured athletes or athletes returning to competition

after surgery or serious injury

I support injured athletes and those returning to competition after a serious injury.

Thanks to my various experiences (3 operations on the anterior cruciate ligaments of the same knee),

I advise and support athletes in their rehabilitation, so that they can return to competition.

I draw particularly on my various training courses in mental preparation, but also on the mentality and mental aptitudes of the great French champions who have been world and Olympic champions in their respective sports. I also draw inspiration from the American mentality and the mental preparation of American athletes. From an early age, US athletes know they are the best and have no inferiority complex. I try to pass on a mixture of all this to the athletes I coach.

My 4 essential points for performing well in sport

    Enjoy yourself

    Motivation and ambition


    Managing pressure in competition

How I prepare and support athletes to perform in competition

    Carry out a complete analysis of the athlete and their performance level

    Determine the athlete's short, medium and long-term objectives

    Discussions with the athlete to find solutions to their problems and doubts


    Individual video analysis of the athlete / analysis of several sequences of the athlete's competition / discussion with the athlete, so that he can progress and perform better

    Regular monitoring of athletes

    If necessary, I travel to the athlete's competition/race venue for a consultation the day before or on the day of the competition.

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