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About me

Who am I?

My priority: the success of athletes

Born in 1982, I live in the Nyon region (VD), near Geneva (in Switzerland) and do a lot of sport, mainly road cycling to maintain my physical and mental condition.

I was immersed in sport from a very young age. I started with skiing at the age of 3, then football at 5. I played a lot of sports in my childhood such as:

  • Football (practiced for 20 years, started in Juniors F, passing through Juniors B Inter at FC Stade Nyonnais to finish as a player in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Swiss League at FC Gingins)

  • Road cycling (Swiss Cycling license for 7 years, in the Junior, U23, Amateur category and appearing for 2 seasons in the best Groupe Sportif Romand with whom I completed several stage races in Switzerland and France)

  • Alpine skiing , Cross-country skiing , Mountain biking , Tennis , Table tennis , Badminton , Handball , Volleyball , Basketball , Unihockey , Ice hockey , Running , Athletics (100m sprint, Long jump, High jump) and Gymnastics .

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I mainly work in a sports environment

My hobbies are: road cycling, downhill skiing and mountain hiking.

My main qualities: I am a calm, serious, persevering, ambitious, multifunctional person, attentive to people, with great self-confidence and a strong competitive spirit. I am bilingual French - Swiss-German and have a good level of English.

I am a person who has a great desire to succeed, I always want to be as efficient as possible. Even if perfection doesn't exist, I always want to get closer to it. Hence my motto: “to want is to be able.” " When we want we can.

You always have to believe in it. I never give up and all challenges motivate me. Meeting the biggest challenges is satisfying.

As a result, the mind plays a fundamental role in sport to obtain good performance.

This is why I support athletes, so that they can perform in their respective sports. What makes me most proud is seeing athletes progress, perform, become even better and win matches, races and trophies following my consultations. I'm happy to see them realize their wildest dreams.

In life, anything is possible with hard work.

My Future Projects

It's important to constantly question yourself and continue to learn new things.

Continue to train myself and follow new training in mental preparation in 2024.

Support young high-level athletes (Professionals or Elite level), so that they progress, can subsequently improve their performances and achieve their set goals.

I plan to spend a day or a weekend in the mountains in a small group to work on the mind.

The activities will be: cycling outing, hiking or skiing day while having maximum fun.

  • Certification of Coach and Mental Trainer

  • Certification to the ECO2A® method

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Mental Preparation awarded by the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Institute of Sports Sciences (ISSUL)

  • Certificate of the Continuing Education courseSport and psychological dimensions”

  • W ing w ave® Coach Certification

  • Certificate of Continuing Education w ing w ave® “Sports Coaching, Joy in movement and performance”

  • Mental Preparation Training at Fitspro in Versoix, Geneva

  • Trained by Dr. Sylvain Baert, Founder of the ECO2A® Method, Doctor in Psychology, Specialized in Mental Preparation, Sophrologist and Relaxologist in the Lille region, Northern France

  • Continuing Education “Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Mental Preparation” at the University of Lausanne (UNIL-EPFL)

  • Continuing Education “Sport and psychological dimensions” at the University of Lausanne (UNIL-EPFL)

  • w ing w ave® Coach Training, trained by Vincent Laplaze, W ing w ave® + w ing w ave® sports Coach Trainer in French in France and Switzerland

  • Continuing training w ing w ave® sport, trained by Vincent Laplaze, Coach Trainer w ing w ave® + w ing w ave® sports in French in France and Switzerland

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